Sustainability Solutions for Our Customers

Grainger’s products, services and resources provide value to our customers while also helping them achieve their sustainability goals.
As part of our commitment to helping customers achieve their own sustainability goals, we continue to enhance and improve our sustainability solutions.

We are the go-to partner for people who seek to build and run safe, sustainable and productive operations.

To guide customers toward sustainability solutions that may meet their needs, Grainger has developed a Sustainability Solutions landing page on our website.

Read more about our sustainability solutions in our 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.

Environmental and Social Customer Solutions

Grainger provides environmentally-focused solutions through our sustainability offering, including environmentally preferable products1 and sustainability services. Grainger offers a number of sustainability services that cover areas of energy, waste, water and air quality management through third-party service providers.

Environmentally Preferable Products and Sustainability Solutions

Grainger provides environmentally-focused solutions through our sustainability offering, including environmentally preferable products (EPP)1 and sustainability services. In 2022, our overall Grainger High-Touch Solutions U.S. EPP revenue was more than $1 billion, which represented an increase from the previous year. Grainger offers a number of sustainability services that cover areas of energy, waste, water and air quality management through third-party service providers.

Diversity Solutions

Grainger’s Diversity Solutions Programs assist customers in diversifying their supply chains and promoting the growth of underrepresented supplier groups in the United States. Grainger has more than 20 years of experience partnering with small and diverse businesses through two core programs: Grainger’s Tier 1 Reseller Diversity program and Grainger’s Tier 2 Supplier Diversity program.

Emergency Management

Grainger’s Emergency Management Program is the local support with national reach that customers can rely on before, during and after an incident. From severe weather to pandemics, Grainger’s Emergency Management Program helps communities prepare for the expected and unexpected through a nationwide logistics network; emergency support teams; faster response, repair and recovery times; and relationships with local, regional and national authorities.


In addition to our environmental products and services offering, Grainger embeds sustainability practices into our comprehensive offerings that drive value for the customer and support their sustainability goals. Some examples of this include: transportation and shipping efficiencies, sustainable packaging, Keepstock® and other value-added services provided by Grainger’s specialist teams.

illustration showing the connection between Grainger's environmental and social solutions, with the text "Serving out customers sustainably while providing solutions that drive value"
1 Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) or greener products are designed to have a lesser or reduced effect on human health or the environment when compared to competing products that serve the same purpose. Grainger’s EPP listings are based on third-party certifications or other evidence of relevant product characteristics submitted by the product suppliers. In each case, the basis for the EPP designation is explained in the product description, including information about the specific third-party certification and/or the relevant product attributes. Grainger relies on information from its third-party suppliers for claimed certifications and relevant product attributes. To provide an additional measure of confidence, Grainger works with outside experts to review the basis claimed by its third-party suppliers to help verify the referencing of relevant standards and product attributes.

Case Studies

overhead photo of a warehouse roof covered in solar panels

Renewable Energy Installation1

As part of our sustainability services offering, we are able to help customers achieve their sustainability goals. One recent example of this is Grainger’s engagement with a large container-terminal operator that was in search of an opportunity to offset fossil fuel-based energy use, enhance its energy grid and reduce cost. Through one of the third-party service providers included in our sustainability services offering, the customer has purchased and will install more than 300 solar panels. The installation is projected to realize a nearly 480% return on investment (ROI). Over the next 20 years, the system is expected to do more than just save money. It is expected to result in:

  • ~4,000 tons of CO2 avoided, which is equivalent2 to:
    • ~9,000,000 miles driven by cars
    • ~59,000 trees planted
overhead photo of waves crashing against a beach

2022 Hurricane Ian – From Preparation to Recovery… Grainger is There to Support

During Hurricane Ian in 2022, Grainger supported the community to prepare for, respond to and recover from the hurricane.


Before Ian made landfall, Grainger evaluated inventory, moved high-demand product into market and was ready to meet customers’ planning needs. Florida state and local governments purchased generators, sandbags, water and sheltering supplies in anticipation of Hurricane Ian. Grainger activated our internal Emergency Response Team to support the planning and eventual response and recovery needs of Florida customers.


Grainger was asked to participate in the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC), shoulder-to-shoulder with emergency professionals. During Ian, four Grainger team members worked shifts in Florida's EOC to meet the critical and high volume demands of the state and local government.


During the recovery and restoration efforts, the Grainger team remained onsite to partner with impacted customers. Grainger supported staging and logistics efforts and ensured distribution of critical supplies, such as hygiene kits, tarps, personal protective equipment (PPE) and chainsaws.

1 Disclaimer: results will vary by customer based on location and available tax credits, but expected results noted here are considered typical for the customer’s particular region.
2 According to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalences Calculator.