Grainger strives to operate its business and supply chain sustainably and takes proactive action to align our operations with our commitment to environmental responsibility.
At Grainger, we aim to be responsible citizens of both our communities and our planet.

As part of this commitment, we strive to operate our business and supply chain sustainably, while also supporting our customers in their sustainability efforts.

We are focused on reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and embedding sustainability into every aspect of our operations.

Read more about our environmental efforts, including our emissions reduction strategy, building management system, LEED certifications and more in our 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.

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Our 2022 Highlights

reduction in global total Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions since 2018
recycling rate in U.S. distribution centers
of U.S. solar production capacity
of North America footprint LEED-certified


Our current climate target, set in 2020, is to reduce global absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 30% by 2030, using a 2018 baseline. This target follows the medium-term goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, and we have made steady progress toward achieving our target. Since 2018, we have reduced global absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 26%, which achieves 87% of our global reduction target.

Our initiatives to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy consumption and emissions include:

  • Increasing solar energy use at our facilities
  • Improving technology and efficiency in our building management systems
  • Implementing high efficiency life cycle replacements
  • Transitioning from traditional Powered Industrial Equipment (PIE) batteries to hydrogen fuel cells


To achieve our sustainability goals, we focus on implementing innovative solutions that help us reduce or eliminate waste and close material loops. We standardize recycling processes and share best practices across our network.

Grainger has been awarded three silver level TRUE Zero Waste Certifications at our Dallas-Fort Worth DC (DFDC), Illinois DC (ILDC) and Northeast DC (NEDC).

Case Studies

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Water Analytics Pilot at Corporate Headquarters

Grainger is currently developing an internal water analytics system through the installation of advanced controllers and leak detection alarms.

We plan to install additional water sensors throughout the building and are piloting the use of smart-battery technology. Once this system is fully installed, we will have the ability to monitor nearly all water usage down to individual systems and locations, allowing us to optimize our water consumption.

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Light-Bulb Damage in Transit

In 2022, Grainger shared details about how team members developed a solution to address damage that was occurring during shipment of a popular item, 4 ft. light bulbs.

To tackle this problem, the team opted for an eco-friendly and effective packaging option made from recycled materials and provided training to team members on proper packaging processes with the new package design. The Grainger team’s sustained efforts on this led to additional improvement to last year’s impressive 40-percent damage-rate reduction. This achievement avoids unnecessary emissions from product replacement and transportation, while reducing hazardous waste disposal.