Demographics As of December 31, 2020, Grainger had approximately 23,100 employees worldwide, of whom approximately 21,800 were full-time and 1,300 were part-time or temporary. Approximately 86 percent of these employees resided in North America, 8 percent in Asia and 6 percent in Europe.

Within Grainger’s U.S. workforce, approximately 38.5 percent are women and 34.1 percent are women in leadership positions. Grainger’s U.S. workforce was comprised of 35.2 percent racially and ethnically diverse team members overall, and 23.3 percent racially and ethnically diverse leaders.

Our DEI Roadmap We create a welcoming culture where all team members can bring their whole selves to work, have opportunities to grow and feel a sense of belonging.

More than ten years ago, Grainger began building the case for change through activities such as incorporating inclusion questions into our team member engagement survey, rolling out inclusion learning modules for all team members, and engaging with an external diversity, equity and inclusion consultant. While we have made strides in this space, we have significantly more work to do. We are committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion through talent, supplier and community actions.

Gender Equity DG Macpherson, Chairman and CEO, recently joined leaders from more than 70 organizations in supporting The Chicago Network Equity Principles, a campaign focused on advancing women leaders in the workplace to achieve 50 percent representation of women in leadership positions by 2030. Signatories of The Equity Principles are empowering women to lead by creating workplaces that provide equal opportunities for women to pursue leadership positions, define their own professional success and promote a more productive and profitable workplace.

Pay Equity With the support of a third party, Grainger has reviewed the compensation of U.S. employees to ensure consistent pay practices. We are pleased to confirm that our 2020 review, which assessed relevant factors in our compensation practices, found no evidence of systemic pay inequity across our workforce. We remain committed to providing fair and equitable pay and will perform this review on an annual basis.

Business Resources Groups Grainger has nine Business Resource Groups (BRGs) that drive excellence in recruiting, developing, and retaining diverse talent, provide insight into diverse communities, and collaborate on innovative solutions to challenging business problems. These groups provide peer support and mentoring opportunities, in addition to raising awareness through a variety of discussion groups and activities that are open to all.

Our BRGs

  • Administrative Business Partner
  • African American
  • Asian-Pacific Islander
  • Disability
  • Equality Alliance
  • Generational
  • Latino
  • Veterans and Military Supporters
  • Women’s